Un carnaval muy animal

In the following project I’ve developed an App and a landing for the Zaragoza carnival tapas contest. Each year the Association of Cafes and Bars of Zaragoza, proposes tapas and dishes, in each establishment you can taste one or more typical dishes of Aragon in the most original way and with the exaltation of flavors in a unique way. There are 18 establishments participating in the Carnival Gastronomic Route.

Objectives of the project

To present to citizens and tourists an attractive and innovative gastronomic offer that reflects the character of the city of Zaragoza. To create an interactive gastronomic guide that is orderly and easy to access. Implement a secure and reliable wallet system in the app to streamline the process of buying and selling tickets. Establish an efficient, accessible, impartial and user-friendly review and voting system. 5. Encourage participation with rewards for users.

On Boarding


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